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My name is Danielle Pisors and Unpublished is my blog about my experiences with writing, publishing and books.  I have recently completed my first middle-grade fictional novel entitled, IN THE MIDDLE.  I am currently working towards publication and starting my second middle-grade novel.

I've spent the last four years in a middle school library-- reading middle school literature and hand selling those books to my students. Unfortunately a Reduction in Staff (RIF) due to budget cuts left me unexpectedly unemployed and lost.  Not only did I miss the staff and my students but I also missed being surrounded by all those books.

I've always loved writing but it wasn't something I could fit into my busy life of family and work.  I started writing my memoir about 15 years ago-- ignoring the fact that memoirs are only interesting if they're about famous people.  I just wanted to tell my stories, the things I learned, the things I didn't. To reflect on my life as a child through my now adult eyes.

Then I fell in love with middle-school fiction.  Of course at first it was a requirement for my career-- I mean how can you get kids to read the books you are offering in your library if you haven't read them yourself, right?  But I soon fell in love with middle-grade fiction, fiction designed and created for our most receptive readers. I found myself not just reading so I could make recommendations but reading for me.

I started my first novel the first summer of my unemployment and after given a deadline from a friend, finished by that Christmas.

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