Sunday, March 14, 2010


So I received two rejection letters this weekend. Both within 48 hours of my queries. These instantaneous rejections were from my "new and improved" query letter. It got me thinking. Maybe not so "improved"? It's a little disheartening. I went back over my other queries, those I consider pending, trying to figure out how many may still be out there, in cyberspace, possibly being considered. I read yesterday on some random blog that your rejection may have been the millisecond it took the queried agent to hit the delete button. No curt form letter, no notification of any kind. So I guess I should be thankful to these most recent rejectors. At least they had the courtesy to let me know. I'm going to figure maybe one third of my queries are still out there active in some "waiting to be addressed" pile-- which means I need to query more, a lot more. I also decided I need a new query letter, so I threw all previous drafts out the window and started from scratch. I tried to concentrate on my favorite parts of the book, more action and less plot. My query letter is reading more and more like a book jacket. We'll see.

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