Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Wow! I'm up, I'm down, I'm all over the place!

Coming off two rejections in one weekend I was so pleasantly surprised Monday morning to find a curt little message in my inbox, "If IN THE MIDDLE is still available I'd welcome the chance to read the first fifty pages."


And yes I understand that this doesn't really mean that much- that in a few weeks I can just as easily receive a curt little email that says, "Thank you for your submission but we are not the right agency for this at this time."

But until then I have hope!

The two rejections had me revamping my query letter and this request for pages comes off my original query, the letter I felt was a little too dry. I am no closer to knowing what agents want than I was before. I think they are all looking for different things when it comes to queries, it's a game, a game that I need to get good at.

The positive from my two rejections is that it has forced me to write yet another query and I am quite pleased with it and intend to send out a couple of them this evening.

Forward, forward, forward! (But with a spring in my step)

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