Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finally by Wendy Mass

I just read Finally by Wendy Mass. This delightful companion to 11 Birthdays, is a heartwarming coming of (middle-school) age story.

Rory can't wait to turn twelve, she's been keeping track of whole list of things she hasn't been allowed to do up until then, and when she turns twelve she is going to do them all.

It's a cute story best fitting 4th-6th grade girls. Rory's voice is authentic but sometimes the finger-wagging "I told you something bad would happen if I let you do that" plot-conflicts are a little much.

It sucks when you're 12 and your mother is always right-- most 7th and 8th graders don't want to have to read about it also.

4th-6th grade girls will enjoy reading about all the inconvenient allergic reactions Rory has to contend with, as well as the movie star interactions.

But the highlight of Finally is definitely Kyle R. Rabbit (Killer) with his beady red eyes and his desire to hop onto Rory's bed and suffocate her while she sleeps.

All in all another sweet offering from Wendy Mass. Be sure to recommend 11 Birthdays as well!

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