Monday, April 5, 2010

I am once again revising my query letter.

Not fun.

I have been stressing pretty hard about my letter. It's my only link to this great unattainable unknown, The Agents. The idea that a single page may be all that stands between me and publication, terrifies me. Just the idea of summing up my entire novel-- all my hard work, all those characters that I love, all those crazy situations that I put them into-- into one mere paragraph, it causes my breath to quicken and my heart to race.

I have been asking a few friends to read my letters and give me their opinions. What I have discovered is that preference may be just a matter of opinion. People are all different-- agents are all different. One may be intrigued by one hook but another completely put off by it.

There is no perfect query letter.

It is impossible to write one letter that will appeal to all agents.

Because believe it or not... agents are people too.

So the answer? It's a crap shoot. All I can do is hope that the right agent for me sees something wonderful in the few words I am allowed to share with them and asks to see more.

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