Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update on my Quest for Publication

Query, query, query.

So the update on my journey to date thus far:

39 total agent queries

2 publisher submissions

14 agent rejections

3 partial requests (Yay!!)

A fellow querytracker member shared that after 113 queries she had received: 99 rejections 11 partial requests and then 2 simultaneous offers for representation.

In the end all that mattered were those 2 offers.

This gives me hope.

Querying is a full time job. Researching agents, searching websites, blogs and twitter for their latest tastes and pet peeves, writing (and rewriting) query letters, jumping through the various hoops of each agent's individual submission requirements just for the honor of pitching my book's entire plot, character development and subtle intricacies in a short concise single page letter. Ugh!

It's exhausting.

And heart-wrenching.

And awesome.

Even though there are days when I just want to cry, there are ALSO those days when I am filled with this incredible overwhelming sense of excitement, and hope. Those days make me feel like something wonderful is about to happen...

It is pretty awesome.

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